This Goat Hill Fair will consist of over 100 vendors spread across three large buildings, The Crosetti, The Harvest and The Arts Buildings. We will have food vendors in both of the buildings as well as others outside. 


We provide a holding area for all your finds. So there is no need to carry all those treasures around with you. We also provide a pickup area for all your larger purchases. You won't need to carry them out to your car, drive up and if necessary our team will help you load them up.


Crosetti Vendors

C1 - Ruby May

C2 - junk.beaucoup

C3 - Exquisite Randomness

C4 - lasfibers

C5 - Kenoyer’s Antiques

C6 - Blvd 58

C7 - The Junk Diva

C8 - Dana Chenelle

C9 - Two Old Crows

C10 - Belinda Finds

C11 - Boho Bill

C12 - Jameson Vinyard's Sawdust & Rust

C13 - Feather Your Nest

C14 - The Farm Hen

C15 - Elle Finn

C16 - French Kiss

C17 - Hattie Hazel Vintage

C18 - Coming Soon

C19 - Flower in the Snow

C20 - Well Worn

C21 - Jill Dafau

C22 - Through the Porthole

C23 - Peacock Collection

C24 - Catkins Creations

C25 - Furniture Art Studio

C26 - Tyler Mackey Art and Design

C27 - Atelier de Campagne

C28 - Attic Journals

C29 - Chasing Vintage

C30 - Jessvintage / Jess imports

C30 - Stella Neptune

C31 - Toujours Caron

C32 - McFall & McFall Importing

C33 - Patty’s Antiques

C34 - Grouse and Badger

C35 - Luxe Rust

C36 - Flourish Designs

C37 - OFP Farms

C38 - Ludwiga’s Linens

C39 - Lilwoods Vintage

C40 - Squirrel Vintage Shop

C41 - LaMorte Style

C42 - Old Things and Blings

C43 - Hazel Butterfield Tate

C44 - Pine Cottage Antiques

C45 - Sugar and Spoon

Harvest Vendors

H1 - Three Sisters

H2-  Rustic Salvation

H3 - Mike Reedy Antiques

H4 - Vintage Underground Market

H5 - Jennifer Boodt

H6 - Patina Marche

H7 - Cherryvale Farms

H8 - Spuds in the Garden

H9 - Vintage Farmhouse

H10 - Vintage Patina

H11 - The French Corner

H12 - The Barn at Hoey Ranch

H13 - Seeing the Light Photo

H14 - La Petite Chaise

H15 - Grenouille French Antiques

H16 - A Painted Cottage

H17 - Timeworn Vintage

H18 - Junk Style Design

H19 - Last Vestige Design

H20 - Atomic Rust

H21 - C’est La Vie

H22 - Tejanna

H23 - Art of Salvage

H24 - Call Me Relic

H25 - Lisa Lewis Unique Designs

H26 - Mr. Goodies

H27 - Mystery Vendor

H28 - Gray Willows Vintage Finds

H29 - J. Hicks Design

H30 - Salvaged Succulents

H30 - Copper Moon Apothecary

H31 - Anastasia’s Armoire

H32 - Joselyn West Design


Arts Vendors

A1 - Our Nest

A2 - Jennifer Osner

A3 - Laurel Canyon Farm

A4 - Surprise

A5/A6 - Montebello Road

A7 - Willow and Nest

A8 - Savannah Design

A9 - Andromacha Books

A10 - Vista Interiors


A12 - Rustic Junque

A13 - Soaps LaLu

A14/A15 - Junk 'N Disorderly

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