Welcome to 2021

A celebration is in order for the arrival of January and a NEW YEAR! How happy many of us feel to have a clean slate to start afresh! Our world might still need refreshing but there is some dusting off, and light being seen even as we type this. Hope has always been the best forecast! We are hoping that large gatherings in the near future will be possible. With that thought, we are here to say SAVE THE DATE! MAY 15 & 16

(know that we are watching guidelines for returning safely to the fair)

We'd like to ask a quick favor of you. Since we've not had close contact for more than a year we'd like to update our friend information. If you'd be so kind, please send us your current email address. It is important to us that we keep in touch with our guests and vendors! Much simpler to ask here then receive undeliverable mail!

*no need to panic - we do not send a barrage of mail - simply periodic updates you will want to know!

Send your info by simply scrolling to the bottom of our website front-page - there you will see: CONTACT US. Enter your email and any message you wish for us to receive! Simple, right? done & done... check.check. Or you can simply send directly to : cyndi.l.garofalo@gmail.com .

Our brains are working hard at hosting this SPRING 2021 event. We will believe it into fruition, if at all possible. You can be sure of that! Put out a good word to the universe... BELIEVE it will happen! We are better together, this is certain! So, let's GOAT together in May!

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