Tickets Soon

Getting all of our goats in a row for our new ticketing procedures. All any of you lovely people need to know is it will be a streamlined process for purchasing tickets. This is new to us, as well as to you, but every effort is being made to make this as simple as possible.

The changed part of our ticketing is ALL TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED ONLINE ! (previously only Early Goat tix). We hope you will take a moment to buy either General Admission or Early Goat tickets by clicking the BUY HERE buttons, so we might keep best distancing for Covid-safety. Going forward we intend to keep these up-to-date procedures in place.

April 1st is our scheduled reveal for ticket purchases. Keep an eye out and a finger ready for the OPEN.OPEN.OPEN. signal!


* Early Goat tickets ONLY SOLD ONLINE! $25.00 each

Gives the guest the following benefit:

...Early entry on opening day! Saturday May 15th

...Entry to fair at 8:30 am ~ One and 1/2 hour shopping before General Admission arrival

...More intimate browsing time with fewer guests, more time spent in booths & with vendor

...Sold in limited number! (smaller crowds)

...Admission to fair both days - Saturday & Sunday (with wristband)

* General Admission tickets Please buy online when possible! $10.00 each

... Also available all weekend at the gate

...Entry at 10:00 am Saturday & Sunday

...Admission to fair both days - Saturday & Sunday (with wristband)

COMING SOON ~ Not ready for primetime yet! ->

All of you friends retain the same lovely benefits as in years past... our home at Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds will be filled with vintage treasure. All of these finds brought to you by the best sellers of vintage in the state! We've had quite a wild ride in the past year, but these amazing people are still working hard and collecting items which will truly leave you in awe! Expect your favorite vendors + some new additions. A few of our vendor friends have had to bow out of this show, but make no mistake we have filled every space. This spring will have a much larger outdoor lawn area as a bonus. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook!



MAY 15 & 16 = VINTAGE HUNTING BEGINS ... a weekend-long extravaganza!

See you in 52 days, 12 hours, 5 minutes !!

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