These Are The G-O-A-T Vendors

Ready for the line-up? Have you looked for our vendor lists in the usual spot on our webpage? Most times we have the map, space numbers and vendor names all set for you to make your plan and know who & where you want to go. Each of the buildings are named : Harvest, Crosetti & Arts and the booths numbered and connected. This year though, as we've mentioned (many times) things will look differently. Since the booths are spaced further apart (and the Arts building is closed) our numbered map would not work, so instead we'll keep offering you the names of the GOAT vendors here and at our Instagram & Facebook pages.

We have missed these amazing vintage collectors/sellers of gorgeous goods! How happy we are that many of the people we love are still making their businesses work and will be joining us again in May. Please come and join us in supporting them...... drumroll, please.... paddum paddum pum

TICKETS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE HERE AT OUR WEBSITE! CLICK THE "TICKET BOOTH" link and you will be sent to buy a ticket for our spring vintage event: May 15 & 16 at Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds.

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