Spring 2021.. It Is HERE!

Officially we've sprung forward with our clocks and into the new season. Some changes are made for spring at Goat Hill, but despite the adjustments which are required, YOU WILL STILL ENJOY THE VINTAGE FAIR YOU'VE COME TO KNOW AND LOVE! Rest assured those vendors who you follow and their glorious goods will pack the house with treasure and bring their joy along with them!

If you have not read the last blog post which shares all of the changes we have made for May, please look here.. -> (read this important post)

As mentioned in another blog post here at our website, ticket sales begin on April 1st. We are now offering ALL ticket sales online. We would really appreciate our guests using this method of ticket purchase, it helps us stay Covid-friendly with less hand-to-hand contact. We realize this is new and might feel challenging, but we know you can do it. Pretty easy-peasy, but if you cannot wrap your head around this change, then we can offer GENERAL ADMISSION tickets at the gate. Early Goat tickets remain as before, only sold online!

Happy to have a goat together on May 15 & 16 with you friends joining us after a very lengthy time apart!


Keep track of us and our vendors at Instagram & Facebook. We intend to share some of the possible offerings from our vendor friends in stories. You can follow the hashtag we've begun for highlighting these curators and treasures at: #friendsfindsghf

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