Patchwork Quilt Beauty

This weekend with our friends was a thing of beauty. We (the collective WE) a group made up of Goat Hill staffers, the volunteers who back us, the vendors who share their beautiful wares, the friends who support us as guests and followers of this amazing event, and the fairgrounds place & staff of our home...

BECAUSE OF YOU.. we form a patchworked bond that is difficult to disassemble!

WE ALL DID IT! Together we found our way past obstacles and shared a weekend of vintage joy! We thank each and every one of you!

Time to take a break for the summer months. We hope your summer will be a grand one, possibly with some back to "normal" days. May you find yourselves able to hug, to share time with family & friends, perhaps to travel. Stay safe and be well!

HOPE TO SEE YOU IN NOVEMBER ! Set reminders.. tickets onsite October 1st

SHOWTIME: November 13th & 14th.

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