How's Your Summer Been Going?

We're now into the last bits of summer and we've been missing from the blog since our thank you post after the spring fair. Never meant to stay away this long. So, really, what's been happening in your summertime life? Have ya been vintage hunting and exploring all kinds of new places?

Here's hoping you get a few more weeks of adventure in vintage treasure hunting, camping, vacationing before kids get back to school and summer vacation days are over. Make the most of these August days. But, of course we are looking forward excitedly to the fall with treasures at Goat Hill.

The Goat crew has met a couple of times since closing for the summer. We are pondering and planning what the nexts steps will be for the fall show. We realize we made need a Plan A, and a Plan B as it's not clear what the guidelines or restrictions might be for holding an event with Covid still in our midst. Still though.. planning, we are! Keep tabs on the latest by following us at our social media sites at Facebook and Instagram.

There are 101 days until we open the gates at Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds! Can't wait to see you!

Tickets go on sale October 1st.

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