Have You Heard?!

Are you a friend who stops in here at our website to READ ALL ABOUT IT ?! You should be able to find all of the important information needed to get you to the show. Tickets are here .. CHECK. Link for those tickets? CHECK . Hours listed. CHECK. Location, Parking, Hauling, Delivery.... all of this pertinent stuff is accessible right here at this site.

Did you know nearly daily we post other good stuff on our Instagram & Facebook pages? Like... REALLY FUN, good stuff that you surely do not want to miss! Our friends definitely need to READ ALL ABOUT IT (click the links and we'll take you over there).

We have a series going called FUN FRIDAY. Each week on said day we offer you good-to-know places for fun; places that like Goat Hill make our local community a fun place to visit! Go over and read about these small businesses that are re-opening and can offer you non-GOAT-hours joy! We like these establishments and wish them well getting back up and running! Our local friends and out-of-town guests.. go say hello, and tell them Goat Hill Fair sent you!

A different series at our social sites is : WINDOW WEDNESDAY which gives peeks (into windows) of the endless, dreamy views of past vendor offerings in their creatively styled booths. The possibilities of awesome finds are endless! Take a peek on Wednesdays! On our main post page and in our stories!

If you are an Instagrammer and like to follow hashtags then we have one for you. We started this #friendsfindsghf which will take you to a newly begun page of items for another peek at vendor offerings.

May 15 & 16 is fast approaching! We are 3 weeks away from a SUPER fun vintage treasure hunt. Tickets available here, and also at the gate during that weekend. Once again we will be able to GOAT TOGETHER !

And, we will be doing it safely. Don't forget your mask, and do know we are following county guidelines to keep or friends safe while visiting.


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