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Who doesn't like a little fun now and again?! We ask you, does it really need to be reserved for Fridays? Nahhh fun can be had any ol day of the week but for our intents and proposes we are starting a weekly series titled FUN FRIDAY. The idea for this topic and weekly posts is to share persons, places, things that you friends, our guests might wish to do in your after-GOAT hours. We think this is a topic for all friends - those who are able to join us on May 15 & 16, and those who are local and enjoy the heck outta some local fun.

Many of our road tripping adventurous friends come and spend a night near Goat Hill before our gates open. Some smarties even opt for a mini getaway and cruise to the beach for the entire weekend. As things have now opened-up and places & experiences are able to safely reopen their doors, we would like to share some of the small businesses near to the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. All of these local spots are happy for the support! How lucky we feel that each of us has maintained a business despite the year that was (2020).. Let's not speak it's name! hhahaa

We have connected with many of the people we are sharing and have decided to cross-promote one another as best we can. So, each Friday look for the FUN post. We will have these places kept in Instagram highlights and here on our blog for future reference. Look to support these folks and any nearby establishment you are already acquainted with while you are in our community.

Do remember this: We offer food & drink at our event on Saturday May 15 & on Sunday May 16. Please do opt for staying with us for a full day, which means you'll need some sustenance. Taking a break is much needed after the exercise one gets perusing abundant booths of treasure. Our food & drink vendors are here to serve you during your time at the show.

These other options are considered after GOAT hours fun ...

*The first Fun Friday list are options for LODGING (a few others listed on our web- click on Event Info)

(read further below for the 1st Fun Friday dedication to a specific cool joint to hang out)...

Places to stay near GHF : click links to go directly to these sites for reservations


Capitola is not far from the fairgrounds :

Or this spot

Inn very near to the ocean in Rio Del Mar :

Always consider VRBO, Airbnb and local home rental options (GHF is held prior to high-season so likely you can find weekend rentals) :

ALL WEEKEND FUN... go see Bob at El Vaquero Winery (tell him the goats sent you!) You might want to call ahead as this place is back to business and it's jumping. This is a wine spot. Outdoor patio seating. Live music. And sometimes food too. Reservations might be needed, especially with the great music they offer. Covid safe.

Find El Vaquero on Instagram & Facebook too... check their schedule there. We are thrilled to have connected with this local venue. It is a community effort to keep small businesses up and running. Many good days ahead for you El Vaquero! Let's keep the buzzzz going!

^ March event with Jeffrey Halford

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