Can You Feel It?

If wishes were fishes... we'd be catching some GOOD size ones! Because, guess what?! Our wishes and intentions seem to be on the leader string to reel in!! Yep, we held out hope for our spring vintage show to happen on May 15th & 16th and all of the puzzle pieces are joining up very well! Spring is on it's way, and so are we!

On our other social media sites at Instagram and Facebook today's posts are sharing a gird of photos from past Goat Hill Fair events. The squares packed with items our wonderful vendors brought to sell to you, the hunters and and seekers of goodly finds! This post highlights a color palette from the 1970's, one of Harvest Gold + Avocado + Burnt Orange. Many folks are searching for such items for their retro home decor.

Our caption for this '70's retro-look says: "YOU BET YOUR SWEET BIPPY!"

That's exactly the same exclamation we've sent out to the universe in response to

"Will Goat Hill host their vintage fair on May 15 & 16 at Santa Cruz Fairgrounds??"

You don't want to miss it! Save the date, vintage friends! It's going to happen one way or another.

You bet your sweet bippy, it is!

* Take a look at our other sites! There is always something new happening there. Follow us for the latest scoop. Ticket sales for EARLY GOATS should go on sale April 1st.

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