Greetings From Here... Not At The Gate

Good morning. Good afternoon.. or evening if that's the time you're in. Thought it best to be clear and make sure our friends are aware of our cancellation for this November weekend.

This is the weekend which GOAT HILL FAIR would be happily sharing vintage goods from the best darn people in the business. Al of us would have been welcoming you to the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds. Alas, the pandemic is still around + wreaking havoc on small businesses and large gatherings.

^^ don't we wish we could CHANGE all that has happened?!

Our wish has always been to do what felt right and just and helpful to our fellow humans and community. We made the decision to cancel our event many months back. Hoping that you got word of this change through our postings on social media. Today we have posted again. There have been a few inquiries, and we sure would hate for someone to make a plan and road trip out to see us when we are not there!

Please know we are missing the creative chaos and ultimate splendor that comes from executing our wonderful vintage event. We miss the camaraderie of our community! We are feeling sad and sentimental all at once.

If you are reading this and have wondered more about our goings-on throughout these many months you can always find us at our other sites. Please click the following options -> and follow our pages at FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM . We'd love to hear from you there!

UNTIL WE CRUZ AGAIN .. in 2021. We'll all goat together then!

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