How Are You Friends?

October 20, 2020

Our inactivity here is no reflection of the importance we feel for Goat Hill Fair, our community, and you friends as a part of that community. We are still here. Remaining as connected as possible at our social media sites. With no new events occurring in this year, our blog and pages at this website don't look the usual way.








Normally at this time in the fall our blog would share the delightful folks who we happily promote selling their wares at Goat Hill. The weeks would have posts full of gorgeous images of vintage treasure.. the likes of which you'd travel near and far to ogle. 


We do still fill pages with this vintage beauty, and we hope you are following along and getting your fill. We can surely all use this type of pretty stimulation during our months of being away from many markets and fairs. Some events have begun to spring up, which is such a wonderful thing.  We must say that our hearts are saddened by the decision we had to make by not producing Goat Hill this year. But we stand solid in that decision as being the best one we could make.




Hoping all of you are safe and well. Our biggest desire is to see you again in May 2021.


Come join us at our Instagram feed, and our Facebook page. 





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