From The Ashes

August 27, 2020

Of late, our pages at Facebook and Instagram sometime share vintage, and other days those posts nearly read like a news report. The community where Goat Hill Fair is housed has been greatly affected by wildfires. Perhaps this comes as no surprise to our followers - you too may find yourself dealing with the fires. 




Our home base of Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Watsonville has come to the aid of displaced fire evacuees, both humans & animals. The fairgrounds which has had such troubled times during Covid - no funding because all events are canceled - including ours twice, is sheltering living things and providing storage for tons of donated items.  The staff which we've come to know well at the fairgrounds has our many thanks. 




Of course greatest of all thanks and RESPECT for those fighting the fires. We'd like to share a story about one particular firefighter who has a connection to Goat Hill Fair. The connection is so minute yet the story holds symbolism for what we hope can give love & light to many during these trying times.


David Serna was born and raised in Santa Cruz. He fights fires for a Monterey Company, and lives in the Santa Cruz coast area. During this past week he was battling fires to help his fellow community members to save their lives and homes. While performing his job, he lost his very own home. When he & his wife Gina were allowed back in the area to search their burned-out property there were very few items left whole. One of those items found is a metal heart sculpted from wine barrel ties. This heart was purchased at Goat Hill Fair! The symbol of love to for their wedding. The story of the Sernas was a written article in The Californian paper. There has been a Gofundme account set up in their name to assist them in getting back on their feet.

go here if you would like ~ 





To our friends, community, those strangers who work to keep us safe, anonymous donors... May the symbol of a heart & love keep you strong and resilient...


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