Our Weekend

This is the time reserved on our calendars for the most darn fun a vintage-loving fan could possibly ask for. The dates for this weekend in May are still marked GOAT HILL FAIR

(at least on our calendars). Yet, the fairgrounds stand very still.. their staff nonexistent and our spring event on pause - waiting for fall now.

How can we not be disappointed? This is the time we greet you at the gate with goat welcomes. This is when we say hello to our friends, contributing artists and helpers! It feels quite strange and very removed to not hug all of our crew - to not witness the building of spectacularly executed vintage stages... oooh, those wares we long to see and touch! Remember - you can still shop all the vendor's wares from our Instagram story highlights! *also by checking this website vendor listing and going to the vendor pages (links not provided there)

You are missed! GREATLY!

( from our Goat Hill staff : Cyndi, Brad, Sharon, Donna, Sheri, Mallorie & Shari ) to you...

The plan as it stands at this moment is to prep, plan, build and meet again in November. So once again, place a red-letter SAVE THE DATE on November 14 & 15

Let us gather - both physically and in the "get-all-the-vintage-treasure" spirit of gathering!

Let's GOAT together!

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