Virtual Vintage Shop - GO!!

As mentioned on our last post... we are not hosting our May event, instead we are hoping to bring attention to our vendors online. If you go to our Facebook and Instagram sites you will find out how to shop virtually.

We are posting our vendors who've had a moment to share their wares with us. Some vendors have been selling online themselves. Some have taken to ebay & Etsy for online shops. All of our vendors are quite busy reinventing themselves and the way they can market their goods.

It's all about that much used term of Covid-2020 = PIVOT!

We are finding the need to PIVOT as well. Join us at our pivotal moment by going on your Goat Hill Fair adventure online this May - rather than at the usual fairgrounds!

Have a great time browsing! Contact each vendor directly - either by their link we provide on Instagram, or Facebook. You may also look them up on our listing at this website. Check each of their links in bios for other sources of sales.

Let's stay hopeful for wellness in our world.. and with that - for our fall show to go on!

Mark your calendars for November 14 & 15 !

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