If This Were A Regular May...

What we WOULD be doing at this time, two weeks prior to our vintage fair .. is definitely not what we ARE doing this particular May. Normally all of the loose ends would be getting tied up in a bow.. or at very least in a knot (for fixing later). In years past, you would have seen calendar dates, notices and posts every.darn.day as reminders to say 'WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU'.

May 2020 is a completely different and strange scenario!

Yet, here we are... can't get rid of us that easily! We're going to try and bring some shopping to our pages. Beginning on Monday- this one coming, May 4th. If we cannot see you and hand out goat kisses at the gate, then we hope to give you the option of hunting for vintage virtually.

All of this is with best intentions. We realize that many families are struggling at the moment. Both financially and with time. Some of us have extra time on our hands, and yet some people are working harder than ever! Many of us are without jobs. So, when we offer this shopping experience - it will be to keep you connected to those people who have graced the buildings of the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds twice each year with the most amazing vintage objects imaginable. We need to give the many vendors who are trying to keep their small businesses afloat this opportunity. It's likely you will not find all 110+ linked at our sights in this next week. Not everyone is available to participate. Still, know that our past vendors are still listed at this website! They are listed by the building in which they sold last November. (could be you'll remember their booth placement).

Here's how to access these links ....

* Here at the website. Click link above re:vendor listing. Unfortunately links are not provided by each vendor name in those listings. This is by vendor name & space only. You can use their business name to find them via internet, Instagram, and Facebook.

* On Instagram : look for our main feed post for updates. In Instagram STORIES a link to the vendor will be given with a photo or mention of objects they have available.

*on Facebook : same as for Instagram - check our main page & stories.. we will provide links so you can access the vendor and review their sights for items available.

HAPPY EXPLORING!! You know we do love an adventure... and these past 2 months have been an adventure for the history books! May you be & stay well, our dear vintage friends!

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