We Cherish You.. and Antiques

Since making our cancellation announcement a little over a week ago, we've not checked in here. It's not that we haven't thought of you because, believe us ~ nearly every moment is filled with contemplation and concern over GOAT HILL FAIR; our vendors, volunteers, guests...

No better day than this to blog post and say hello. We have found that on this day, April 9th, there is an official national calendar earmarked for Cherish An Antique Day. Can you imagine?! They had us at celebrate antiques with this one!

^^ Above : some bright cheery, sunshine YELLOW in all forms of antiques. Snippets from Goat Hill Fair events..

We adamantly cherish this world of antiques, old stuff, vintage, junk!! We also need to let you know we cherish you too. We are grateful for your time spent with us ~ in every way ~ at the fair, on our media sites, in this big wonderful world.

With thoughts of this world, and our vintage friends .. we send our best thoughts of well being to each and every one of you and your families!

We hope to see you in November !

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