Take A Deep Breath

Like many of you this past week has thrown us for a loop. There is much to be considered and many daily life changes to make. What does it look like in your home? You might be racing to fill a pantry. There's a good possibility you have children home from school for a few days - possibly a couple of weeks. You might be one of millions doing the WFH (work from home) deal that your company mandated.

Inside your dwelling we hope you have the luxury of using this wildly uncommon situation to not only deal with this global issue - but for taking time; breathing deeply. To play outside with your kids. To check-in with your elder loved ones. We're all in need of special humanness !

Our crew has sent communication to the vendors who grace our event, in order to connect one-on-one. Simply to say WE ARE THINKING OF YOU! On our pages we're here to say


Although we would rather not be in this situation at all. Our hope is that with the 2 months we have prior to our May event much more will be known; that our state of California will release event stipulations... and that we will be able to "go on with the show". We are not taking this subject lightly. Please accept these thoughts with the friendship in which they are intended. So, when you see us talking about ticket sales on April 1st ; a giveaway planned for next week and all of the fun scheduled for May 16 & 17... we ask that you realize our intention is not to put blinders on the situation , but to offer our vendors the opportunity to sell their wares (as they have planned, collected & paid to do). Many of our sellers have already lost out on opportunities because of cancellations & schedule changes. Of course, we hope to give guests the vintage affair they've looked forward to - as has been the plan (and may be much needed).

Most of all, please know it is our pleasure to bring Goat Hill Fair to you in May if it is meant to be. We appreciate the friendships we have formed and the support we receive. If all the cards stack correctly, we hope to see you then.

Be well !

*photo credit: @creaticdesign / Unsplash

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