Springtime. Vintage. Friends...

In less than one month our Early Goat tickets will be available here online.

APRIL 1st is the day! Let's just call it... we'll likely sell out! Our

F*R*I*E*N*D*S are supportive smarties that love a good vintage market treasure hunt!!

Because we are thankful for ALL of our friends... we've come up with some new art for this year. Our theme of sorts - entitle it: THE ONE WHERE THEY.. go to GOAT HILL FAIR >>>>>

Those in-the-know watch for the online date, as we only offer a limited number of EARLY entry tickets. They allow you first access to all of the wares that have been thoughtfully collected and curated to share at Goat Hill Fair. You will have an hour and 1/2 shopping time before the masses. We gift you with a token - specially chosen for each fair.

*Once these special tickets are sold there is always availability of general admission tickets at the gate during the event! You will never miss out!

Another way to never miss out? Follow along at all of the informative spots where we share! Alongside the fair info, we happily offer imagery of beautiful vintage items; stories with history, patina and some humorous anecdotes too. A good spot to be introduced to those who'll be selling wares is also at our FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM pages (<<-- click on those links)

*There is always a giveaway to follow and possibly win! Working on a spring giveaway now!

*At the May show there are some outdoor garden vendors (which is not the case in November). *We again, will have live goat greeters in line on the morning of opening day - Saturday May 16th!


This May we have new goat-kids that were just born to steal your hearts away!

*It has become a fun event at each show to have our guests join the

GOLDEN GOAT SCAVENGER HUNT. We hide a golden goat amidst the vintage wares. When you find this guy you simply photograph it in it's place (don't move him) and then share on your Instagram feed with the appropriate hashtag. Never know what you might win! The hunt goes on all weekend.

So much goodness in one place! Make plans! Ask your F*R*I*E*N*D*S to join you!

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