The Ones Who See Things Differently

We're acquainted with so many awesome humans! ... the ones we choose to introduce at our fair are included in that category. Our vendors - the artisans who create magic from vintage items! Those rebels that find a way to make round pegs and square holes seem as though they have always fit! Those people are just crazy enough to think they can change the way we use vintage in our homes and in our personal adornment! We say they have definitely proven that they can change things & they do! They create magic by taking found pieces and conjuring unicorn-like magic to give objects a new life.. (a bit like this image below)

You're invited to meet these rebel artists, stylists, makers, creators, inventors, vintage genius sellers ~ OUR FRIENDS ~ at the next fair - MAY 16 & 17

We hold these rebels in high esteem. Our goal is showcase these sellers of vintage and hold them to a certain level of true vintage authenticism ~ and yet not restrain their creativity.

Beginning on April 1st you will be able to purchase EARLY GOAT tickets here at the website. If you are new to GOAT activities .. we only offer a limited number of Early Goat tickets, and they are offered for a limited time. So if your wish is to meet us as first-entry, morning guests with the first-look at the vintage wares - then you'll want to hit the ticket button before tickets sell out.

The happy topic in our thoughts for spring 2020 has brought us to this : F*R*I*E*N*D*S ...

Hoping you collect all of yours and visit us & our friends in May!

The magical photo above is taken from the Instagram account of @photographizemag and created by @lovepaperplane. (click on links)

Pieces of the text above was inspired by this Jack Kerouac quote :

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