Trendy & Classic At The Same Time

January 3, 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to TWENTY TWENTY ! With this fresh new year, we also begin another decade - full of promise, determination and confidence! Speaking of confidence - we're offering up what Pantone calls a color of "confidence and calm" - CLASSIC BLUE  - the color of the year.


Classic blue a trend to follow. Do you already ride that train? Is blue a color you are drawn to in the hunt for vintage beauty? Is your home styled in this classic hue? We are told it is timeless and enduring.. which bodes well in this vintage world! 


Sharing some of the classic color from previous Goat Hill Fairs ...



Whether you follow trends, collect vintage blue wares, or even if you much prefer cool-retro-green to this option.. the artistic vendors at our event bring such varied wares that anyone 'n everyone is able to add to their collections!  Come in May and see what myriad offerings we have! Come get some SPRING in your step.. browse our halls in May! 


Save the dates: May 16 & 17 


Meet us at Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, our #VINTAGEFRIENDS !

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