Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Blog posting and saying hello here has been shoddy... sorry for that! You have not been forgotten! Our acquaintances in this spot and at Goat Hill Fair are foremost in our minds. The Christmas holiday teemed with activity and yet also produced a small period of time where all of our team could have some downtime from business.

Our hope is that each of you had precious moments of joy, time for clarity and peace, quiet walks alone, and the marvelous cacophony of family gatherings too! Not to be forgotten - many of us work while incorporating this festive time in our schedules. Having a little piece of each of these things would make for happy, productive beings.

Productive?!! that's a word to be used for this post! Now that we'll be ringing in the New Year, and our Goat Team has had post-fair meetings - we are on our way to creating another year of vintage adventure for you. New thoughts, ideas, and plans are in the works. One plan will be underway here at this website in the near future. We have long needed some updating, and 2020 is the year! A fresh look, new team photos - yet the same feeling of Goat Hill's home.

Within our ever-present "best show" thoughts is the one where we continue to weigh how our vintage fair keeps its identity. We wish to remain the true vintage event you have come to know. Did you read our last post? It was dedicated to this thought. Click here to read: BRINGING YOU THE REAL DEAL . The "artisan" part of our bio gives a twist to the purely antique theory - as there are so many fine artists using vintage to offer you. Our business model has not changed from our beginnings 8 years ago. Take a minute to read that post....

We thank you for your camaraderie and joy in the same adventures we enjoy. Happy that you like what we like! We're friends that way.

VINTAGE FRIENDS! ( <<--- watch for this hashtag in 2020)

HAPPY 2020!

We have much in store for you!

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