Bringing You The Real Deal

November 16, 2019

Our thoughts on vintage vs. reproduction ... because it has surely been a topic for the Goat staff, for our friends-in vintage, and in the area of vintage-inspired merchandise in the global market...


"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" 


Staying true to ourselves, and we believe also to you - our vintage loving friends. Talking about true vintage. We continue to express our wish for Goat Hill Fair to possess an adventure in authenticity and delight for items with a story to tell - the real deal. Truth be told, it is sometimes a struggle. We see everywhere around us the offering of items that are vintage-inspired (i.e. reproduction). We realize the ease with which you can come by these pieces. It is our honor and task to produce a fair with mostly genuine vintage (a low percentage quotient for non-vintage is a requirement at GHF) 


We appreciate your support in the hunt of treasure at our place. 'Tis a pleasure to maintain this fair which abounds with the real deal. 


See you again in May!




*painting in booth of French Kiss Ribbons at Goat Hill Fair




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