The Thing About Vintage Adventures

We are here to tell you that the mantra we've been quoting + the hashtag we started :

VINTAGE ADVENTURE sure does bring a bunch of joy with it!

What started with some new artwork for our GHF store merchandise, for our fair photo booth and myriad posts here and at all of our sites.. well, now there's just no stopping us sharing it with all of you every chance we get!

vintageadventure vintageadventure vintageadventure vintageadventure vintageadventure

So many fellow vintage enthusiasts adventured to Goat Hill Fair last weekend! You came, you treasure hunted, you ate & drank ... all with abandon! It was a wonderful couple of days! We thank you one and all! The guests who adventured from near & far. Our vendors who adventure from numerous states - who have vintage adventuring flowing through their veins! To our volunteers who give freely of themselves.

Goat Hill Fair would not be a presence in the vintage market experience without the diligence and love of our leader & event promoter, Cyndi Garofalo. She + her staff wish for nothing more than offering a vintage experience that rings TRUE TO VINTAGE ! Our hope is to give those who adventure here reason to spend their precious time, with folks that understand their love for objects with a story. We hope to offer all of you the precious gift of patina, and history in vintage wares. It is another mantra and goal of ours that our curator-artisans share pieces that add a special touch to your home & life with the real deal.

*Edited to add this explanatory detail from our social media sites:

Staying true to ourselves, and we believe also to you - our vintage loving friends. Talking about true vintage at our blog. We continue to express our wish for Goat Hill Fair to possess an adventure in authenticity and delight for items with a story to tell - the real deal. Truth be told, it is sometimes a struggle. We see everywhere around us the offerings of items that are vintage-inspired. We realize the ease with which you can come by these pieces. It is our honor and task to produce a fair with mostly genuine vintage (a percentage quotient is our booth requirement). "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"

The thing about vintage adventures at Goat Hill Fair? ... you can adventure here twice a year! Always in May & November. Always at our home at Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds... and always with fun, adventure, and friendship in these gatherings!

Let's all GOat Together!

See you May 16 & 17

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