Don't Be Mislead (or misREAD)..

You can read it here first : The date for our fall show is NOVEMBER 9 & 10, 2019.

We are only days away. The show opens next weekend.

Unfortunately someone singing our praises - hit a wrong note... in the wrong KEY. The keys on the computer tapped-tapped on the wrong dates, and there is a published piece in local news that gives incorrect info on our event dates.

So, pay no mind to that news article. Any and all good info is on our sites. Look at this webpage, or follow along at our Facebook page, and Instagram feed. ( <<----- click those links)

We're working to make your visit with us the vintage adventure you rightly expect! See you in a few days. Early Goat tickets are sold out. GENERAL ADMISSION

TICKETS SOLD AT THE GATE all weekend of the show - November 9 & 10.

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