What You Will Find at the Fair

November 2, 2019

A quick hello to all of the new friends we have found liking our pages, following along on our feeds, and buying up those EARLY GOAT tickets! Thank you for that!

Glad to have you watching this vintage adventure we call GOAT HILL FAIR.



If you're an "old goat", it's highly likely you know the experience set before you at GOAT ..

all of the vintage splendor that is magnificently curated by our vendors and styled with the utmost care! Old friends, or new .. the fair is  a wonderful way to spend the weekend with us! Plan on hanging out with your buddies, getting holiday inspiration, finding the perfect treasure for yourself and gifting some to others! Come sit in the dining tent with a mimosa or Bloody Mary - a glass of wine or an icy beer. Grab yourself breakfast or lunch. Spend an entire day

(or 2) and meet these folks that tantalize with regularity!


Introducing!! ---->.  ---> -->



Have you watched our flash card-style vendor intros?? ... Do you know you can find all of them listed here at our web?  And thirdly, so you are aware - you will be given a brochure as you enter our gates. Maps of all 3 buildings + Vendor listing + food offerings are included.







 You get the idea... we had fun with it.. so you can have fun with them! Go meet these people and say hello! To get inspired follow along at our sites and see some of their vintage wares.

At Facebook look here .   At Instagram - click this link .


Some of what you will find looks like this: 






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