This Fair Affair

Who are our favorite people and what is our common bond? We LOVE our goat friends and it seems we all share a thing for old stuff with charm & patina! We're here to tell you this affair we have with you & vintage is some kind of AWESOME!

November's FAIR is rolling along and is only 18 DAYS AWAY!

Perfectly honest.. we can hardly contain ourselves. As ever, it is our joy to bring these amazing artists and their vintage wares to the masses! The truckloads that come bearing the very best in old-stuff feels like Christmas on our load-in days! Do you feel the same when you enter the gates and stand wide-eyed in front of this magical paradise?!! thinking you must! It is a spectacular sight! Everyone works hard, laughs a lot and styles to every inch of their being .. so that when you arrive - it's hard to maintain your composure. OOO's & AWW's abound! One of our favorite parts of this affair!

To keep you smiling here's some up-to-date info - the EARLY GOAT tickets are still available. On the other side of the coin, they have been selling quickly and we limit the number of them. Why limit? Because the purpose of these particular tickets is to keep a more relaxed, intimate affair going with you. We gift each guest as they enter. You receive an hour and 1/2 of less busyness as you wander. Whether you opt for this entry, or for General Admission - you will find happy, friendly folks and a very joyful vintage outing. You and your gathering pals have a great weekend ahead of you.

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