Time Keeper

A little bird told us it's time to chirp the news...

Acting as your personal calendar and time keeper, 'tis relevant to let you know that November 9th & 10th are a mere ONE month away!

Time has slipped quickly into October and all of those fall feelings. In one month there will be even more fall feelings + those of holidays and the season of entertaining! Our November event has always been inclusive of all things celebratory, home decor, personal adornment, gifting and collecting! This time tends to be the NESTING season. So, when it comes to entertaining your friends, family and self ~ if your need be a new comfy chair, that large-enough dining table, bed linens to showcase an exquisitely adorned bedroom, or a final piece of ironstone... OUR VENDORS bring it! .. and then some!

To gather at Goat Hill with your family. with your besties. with your vintage hunting conspirators... IT IS A GENUINE FUN WAY TO START THE SEASON! Come for the day

or for the weekend! We'll keep you indulged with treasure, food & drink!

You can get tickets now online here at our web, by choosing to be an EARLY GOAT ! If you are unsure what an early goat receives check our last blog post <<-- (click here to read)

for a rundown of the fantastic reasons you may wish to be one!

On the weekend of the FALL FAIR you can come to the gate to get general admission tickets. The hours for these are: Saturday Nov. 9 10:00a - 4:00p / Sunday Nov 10 10:00a - 3:00p

Both entry options allow for (2) days entry with your wristband!

Be like our bird friend above and tweet this message to all of your vintage loving pals! Chitter-chatter away for the next month! And bring those birds of a feather with you to the fair.


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