Our Ticket Taker is Up!

All of our followers who are in the know. KNOW. It's October 1st and our EARLY GOAT tickets are now available online - here at this website -> left side of the screen scroll down to

Hit the button: CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW !

It is FALL ... it is October 1st, can you believe it?! Only 5 weeks away from our opening day..

To give you a background on these tickets and our fair - in case you're a new friend ...

Early Goat tickets allow you to enter the fall event at 8:30 am which is an hour and 1/2 before the General Admission crowd. We offer a token of our appreciation to each Early Goat, while you are greeted at our gate by a couple of real kissable goats. This early admission generally gives you a relaxed treasure hunt and time to speak more freely with each of our amiable, creative artists. Many of our early guests prefer morning hours and the first look at all of the goods. These tickets are $25.00 each

If you opt not to arrive early -> next option is a general admission ticket. These are not offered online. This ticket will be purchased at the gate during the weekend of the event. These are $10.00

Both types of entry are good for two days of the event. You are given a wristband and are able to return to the show at will.

Also, no matter which choice you make, it is our pleasure to tell you these things also:

* this is an indoor event - 3 buildings full to the brim with beauty! rain or shine - we're here!

* we have ample and FREE parking

* there is a vast array of food & drink offered from morning til closing

* our porters are happy to assist you - small or large items/bags can be carried & put in a HOLD

* for large furnishing purchases we have an onsite delivery man who can give you a quote

* only service animals are allowed

* This is a 2 day event. Sunday hours are 10a-3p.. and TRULY the treasure is restocked & simply stunning on Sunday. You will not feel slighted!

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