Summer Living

Do thoughts of summer and the style of living during these months conjure memories of childhood for you? Maybe you live a simpler life during summertime...  like the homekeeping you do ~ tasks, cooking, and free time.  Is it all more laid-back?  With all of these thoughts... we are wondering ~ is a vintage lifestyle part of it? Possibly it is not ONLY in summer that you lead a vintage lifestyle. The spirit of vintage could easily be a yearlong (nee..decades long) way of life!



Maybe we are in a dreamy state of hammock siestas and berry pie at breakfast! Truly, though we're sorta singing a happy tune and suddenly realize the turning calendar pages; very quickly away from summer. We often use terms and hashtags of #vintagelife #vintagestyle #vintagehome #vintagelove and we're enamored of all the beauty we find in searching those spots. For all of it's adventure, family, sunning, patriotism, vacationing during this season we happily engage in all of it. Yet, we have eyes on another prize.


Fall is in our thoughts....

You are in our thoughts...

Planning the best darn vintage show is in our thoughts...


So with the calendar pages on your mind - go mark yours, alrighty?! if you use old-school paper calendar pages, or current day technology to remind of upcoming events... go to it and place a big star on the weekend of November 9th & 10th. If you follow us here at our blog, on our Facebook page, or Instagram feed you will get reminders!


Enjoy more hammock siestas and berry pie while you can! HAPPY SUMMER to you! 


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