May 18th & Dirty Dishes

Okay.... fairly sure you are questioning the title of this post! The only thing May 18th and dirty dishes have to do with one another.. and also have to do with GOAT HILL FAIR ?! 

MAY 18th is OPENING DAY at Goat Hill Fair!

Which is only 2 weeks from now! READ that and let it sink in! Only 2 weeks til our vintage village is ready for you. Oh, and by the way... it means that there is little time left to obtain EARLY GOAT entry tickets. These are only sold here online, and for a limited time. So, GO! click that little ticket icon on our main web page.



The DIRTY DISHES part of this post ?! ... well, per the people in the universe that don't have much more to do (just kidding, we luv these people).. the silly NATIONAL DAY calendar states that May 18th is also NO DIRTY DISHES DAY ! .. to which we say: WHAAAT ?! 

But it does make us chuckle and for that we had to share!


OKAY... go about your day now - safe in the knowledge that you have many reasons to celebrate May 18th!  * insert laughter


Go follow us... you know the drill ~ our Facebook & Instagram are full of fun tidbits!

Go forth and get tickets for the best fair around... You'll be thanking us later! 


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