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On this day... ONE month away from the SPRING VINTAGE FAIR ... we can say WHAT A GOOD, GOOD PLACE THIS IS!! "Place" meaning this vintage business. The place we call home at our Santa Cruz Fairgrounds. This place where our hearts are happy in the joy we share and the friends we share it all with. We have truly made some great friends!

Are you one of the first friends we made.... a part of the "old goats" from our first event? We're delighted with the support and friendship from so many. If you're new to our place... come and get to know us. Read about our place in this vintage world here on the blog, and then take a road trip to visit us in May.

Here's a little intro about us:

Goat Hill Fair had it’s first vintage show at a goat farm in Santa Cruz in 2011. The Bay Area-Central Coast received this event well; as there was not an event of this type nearby. With this fine reception, a move to a larger facility was needed - and Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds is now it’s home. The event is housed in 3 large buildings and showcases over 100 vendors. These collectors & stylists of vintage goods are much sought-after artists from across California, and beyond. Guests can find many styles and types of wares. Antiques from Europe to rusty chippy farmhouse. Found object art which includes up-cycled and repurposed goods are a part of this show. Handmade is represented too. Add to a collection, restyle your home with furnishings, get your garden ready for summer, find a piece of vintage clothing or unique jewelry… all of it available while you spend a day with us. There are delicious breakfast & lunch choices to be made when you need a break from the shopping fun. A dining tent for comfort. Stop-in for a pick-me-up of coffee, or a libation at the bar.

Vintage Adventure awaits you!

Bring a friend and take a road trip to Santa Cruz- Watsonville CA.

You'll find us joining with friends on adventures. A new vintage adventure is happening soon. The Goat Crew will be taking a road trip to Petaluma to visit our friends at Summer Cottage. Together we will make our way through the Petaluma Antiques Faire, telling stories of past vintage finds as we browse, all of it culminating in an after-party at Summer Cottage. Days spent this way are memorable and reminiscent of a good old Sunday outing. A couple years back the sweetest offer of a bed at the home of Michelle McCauley was a perfect pre-Faire social for drinks & dinner along the waterway in her beautiful town.

We've been fortunate to meet many like-minded friends and have in the past spent time with other vintage event hosts. The kindness and hospitality of Susi Fuller and her cohorts of Three Speckled Hens had us staying overnight in her cabin and sharing an evening of brick-oven pizza and true camaraderie. It has been far too long since that enjoyable time and we'll soon be in the works to make it happen again. You hear us Hens? Let's cackle together again!

** We have inside knowledge that another vintage producer wishes for this crazy-good meet-up to happen between some mighty fine folks, with her as an addition! We're saying YES!

YES to lifting one another up! YES to this place we call friendship. YES to LADY BOSSES working together! YES to the friends we've made because of Goat Hill Fair ... and ALWAYS YES to vintage!

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