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The goats ever present at our vintage fair are always a hit with our guests! The true-to-life GOAT GREETERS that are present on Saturday - Opening Day morning have come back to Goat Hill Fair. Griffin & Charlie snuggled with guests and became photo opportunity seekers last November. Those two characters will be up to shenanigans again in May.

Since our inception there have been goats of all sizes & types available to purchase. The garden goats are placed along the walkway entry. Goat planters for the garden, goat stakes and large metal goat statuary stand-by waiting to go home with you. Many of these are found inside the Arts Building at the Goat Hill Store.

Much to our pleasure, we have a new goat at the fair. This one is styled firmly planted atop a vintage trailer, waving his large red banner that reads: GOAT HILL FAIR. This creative art is the design on our new T-shirts. Artwork was donated by Melissa Dow. You'll find this latest t-shirt in the Goat Hill Store.

We cannot possibly forget to mention our mascot goats... those pure white very large pieces of vintage history which are seen set-out every show under the trees, "grazing" the grass, and seeking attention in our center courtyard!

As always - enjoy all of these playful goat characters. Have a picture taken with them. Always remember to hashtag your photo on Instagram with #goathillfair or TAG us so we see the fun you're having at our fair! @goathillfair.

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