Timing is Everything

As with life in general... time ticks away quickly and here at Goat Hill the clock is telling us to be on our toes and let you know that tonight at midnight - early morn of April 1st.. it's the day to keep time and BRISKLY get to our online sale of EARLY GOAT TICKETS!

The early goat tickets are offered in limited quantity so it's a must to keep time in an ALLEGRO tempo.. (in ballet terminology allegro is for brisk movement) . We'll be watching the clock. You will receive information from us on general specifics of your entry after you purchase these special FIRST LOOK- FIRST DAY tickets. Adventure our way - May 18 & 19 !

So, no tip-toeing.. as these special entry prized tickets have an allegro movement all their own. They tend to move quite quickly!

Click on the ticket icon at this website: Goat Hill Fair

General Admission entry sold at the gate during the event. Both types of tickets good for 2 days of event. Re-entry is such a great option! Never fear if you're unable to come on Saturday, these artists have plenty of TRUE vintage goodies to fill the barns for Sunday too.

*** Inside scoop!! We will be taking you live into the BACKSTOCK BARN on May 18th to give a sneak peek of all the available goods for Sunday!

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