Adventure Awaits

Have you read the teaser-clue post from yesterday? Skip back and you will see we are talking about frolicking with we goats during spring. We're offering you a chance at luck to win a GETAWAY & ADVENTURE Giveaway. We're offering this at our Instagram & Facebook sites. (click either link and follow the few simple steps to include yourself in the giveaway). A LUCKY someone will be sleeping at the Bella Notte Inn and spending the day at Goat Hill Fair.

There's never quite enough room on an Instagram post to share all the lovely details of an adventure like this. So, we're happy to gift you with details here at the blog.

The recipient of our getaway & adventure giveaway will be treated as a VIP. You will be gifted a night stay at the Bella Notte Inn ~ The Inn at East Cliff. Bella Notte Inn is located in the coastal town of Capitola near to Goat Hill Fair, and walking distance to Twin Lakes Beach. Lam, the owner of Bella Notte has appointed some of the rooms with vintage finds from Goat Hill Fair. She will be amongst our guests during the May show.

{chair from Goat Hill Fair vintage vendor - @artofslavage }

When you wish to stay: either Friday night - so you are near to Goat Hill Fair for your VIP - Early Goat entry (Saturday 8:30am) to vintage nirvana, or on Saturday night after you are thoroughly worn from a full day of treasure hunting... the choice is yours. You see .. you are not only winning a night in this beautiful place, but also (2) VIP tickets to GHF so you & an adventure buddy may spend the day with us!

Not only does Lam offer a beautiful place to lay your head at night, she also offers lovely self-care treatment at her spa ~ Opal Spa While staying at the Inn you may choose to have treatments with a 10% discount (noted on their reservation site).

The contest ends on Saturday March 16th at 9pm... so get your name and a travel buddy tagged at the giveaway site! We'll announce the lucky recipient on St. Patricks Day!! (March 17th)

Good Luck be yours...

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