What Does St. Patrick's Day Have To Do With Goats?

March 12, 2019

Mixing folly and liveliness into our vintage world is done all of the time. We like whimsy! Goats are playful beings.. at the ready for frolic and adventure at all times! So let's have a go at bringing some playful adventure to our guests...



Green, pots-o'gold, and LUCK are part of St. Paddy's day vernacular.  We wish to share each of these things with all of you. GREEN is what vintage is all about! Reusing the awesome stuff from previous eras is what we love. A rainbow made a landing in a field that is situated directly at Santa Cruz Fairgrounds! It struck GOLD! We find ourselves very lucky to have the home, artists and helpers that make Goat Hill Fair shine like a golden coin! Most of all we find ourselves with friends of GOLD - all of you! 


SOOOO... all of the above ^^^ to say "wanna try your luck?" . Which sounds a bit more classy than "wanna GET LUCKY?" ...  hhhaaaa 

Beginning tomorrow - Wednesday March 13th we'd like our friends & followers to find some golden opportunity at our Instagram feed. (also Facebook )..  < click those links!


Can't let you in on the folly just yet. It's a secret until the frolicking goat lands upon a wooden stool; vintage of course! Predictions for landing on that stool are for Wednesday morning. Go try your luck! 



*image a vintage postcard found at Pinterest


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