Super Powers

In this month of March .. it's the hashtag and talk everywhere we look, including at our own sites, 'tis WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH and Day of the Woman on March 8th. We are all for celebrating this! Our very own leader, Cyndi Garofalo is a great BOSS LADY ! We think she and so many entrepreneurs in this vintage biz have SUPER POWERS! Let's give a hand to all of the magic they provide!

Along the same lines as SUPER POWERS ... it's time to give you a NOTE TO SELF thought and reminder of the magic an Early Goat ticket can bring! Remember those sweet little tickets that you purchase here online?! The ones that offer up so much goodness?! In 24 days - on APRIL 1st Early Goat Tickets will be available!

REMIND YOURSELF! Find your super power!

See you at the show May 18 & 19th at Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds!

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