Letting You Know

It's been on our minds... and in our hearts too ~-> ... do we let you know how frequently you are thought of?


Yes, we get that it's our business to keep you in mind, but do you know you continually fan our flames? We hunt, seek, and produce like minded creatives & their wares to offer a vintage event we hope sets your life on fire! You are at the forefront of our ideas and offerings. Flames are lit in our minds for this 2019 vintage adventure!

Always stoke a good fire!

See you May 18 & 19 2019

Early Goat tickets on sale here at our web - April 1st !

More on flames, fire and vintage love to be seen at our Instagram feed! Go look at our stories there and take the poll on what vintage collectible fires you up! We're also talking warmth and flames on our Facebook page. Do you follow us? We'd love to have you in the loop on all of our happenings! (click on any of the colored links to take you to those sites!)

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