We Request Your Presence

November 13, 2018

We had ourselves a good time last weekend! Thinking our guests did also from all of the feedback we've received! Our vendors are also on that love train... from the sounds of things! The Fall Fair with the goats was FAIRTASTIC !!




Asking each of you .. previous fair goers and newbies alike, to join us for more vintage fun in spring.... SAVE THE DATES OF MAY 18 & 19, 2019.


Your presence is requested, the invite extended... and an RSVP is always welcome! How can you RSVP? We gently offer that we appreciate, rather - we NEED to hear from you! We like to see your faces, comments and likes! Your presence in our vintage biz is why we do this!! YES, YOU!!

So, if you'll Kindly RSVP ~ which technically means: Répondez s'il vous plaît... a bit o'French which makes everything sound so beautiful, and in English - simply : PLEASE REPLY !

Find our other sites and places we bring vintage to you.. such as Facebook & Instagram <<--- (remember?!! click those links!) Our sharing at those places is for your pleasure and too for your information. Sure, a heart click/thumbs up is nice, but we love when you comment. Tell us why a photo makes you smile. Do you have an item just like the one we're sharing? Give us your story! It matters!


Springtime at Goat Hill is sure to be a heart-pumping, awe-inspiring time of fun for you and your favorite hunting buds! Part of our future plan is to host groups of joyful treasure hunters. Are we letting go of a secret??? hmmm, perhaps...   You've goatta stay tuned! You've goatta follow along! You've goatta communicate with us! Much is in the works for spring.


Our staff is on a (very) mini winter break to enjoy time with our families. And, then just when the apple blossoms bloom in our beloved Central Coast area, we'll invite you in to witness a magnificently artful display of vintage wares.



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