Merry Goats

November ONE stated clearly at our desk. ONE week (+ a day) until Goats greet you at the gates (quite literally)! Have we mentioned our mascot greeting ambassadors here? Charlie & Griffin - they of 4 legs, coarse coats and beards - will walk the runway and say hello in their quirky sweet BAA way! Then too, other members of the goat crew will join in to say WELCOME to GOAT HILL FAIR! Our ONE incentive? to make our number ONE vintage event & our number ONE fans giddy as goats! You will truly appreciate all that each person brings to the table... for your pleasure (and treasure)!!

Speaking of treasure, table and vintage.... see ^^^

May we refresh the memory of any folks that've missed our talk on MERRYGOAT MEETUP?! Do you know of this?! CAN YOU HARDLY STAND THE SUSPENSE?!

On Saturday November 10th we will take our show LIVE via Instagram. Our friend and moderator for this live event is Mallorie Jae of M.Jaehomeco. She'll hold court, center-court, at a table decked out in her style. Mallorie will have a cocktail & chatter roundtable discussion with interviews. Some lively discussion is sure to rock our courtyard with Bloody Mary's in hand and vintage inspired holiday entertaining on our minds! Air time placed at 11:00am, or there about; our first interview is with Queen Goat, our leader, Cyndi Garofalo. Next in the queue are our VIP guests. One such VIP is Alli of Thrifted Queen. We would like to include some of you! Please join us! Open discussion, is also planned ... you are VIP's too!

You can find more of the goings-on during GHF at our Facebook & Instagram sites! <<-- click links and follow us over there!

Now, for your viewing pleasure ... The Season of Entertaining is highlighted by tablescapes including: dishware, linens, silver and myriad bits 'n bobs to create a truly unique vintage style! (the items pictured were seen at previous GHF events - visit the booths of Eurolinens, The French Corner, Furniture Art Studio, Junk Style Design and others). Check out our vendor map and listing for all of the amazing stylists showing wares at the Fair!

Treasure to tell your unique style story is at every turn!

FIND IT! {a new mantra of ours}

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