Meet Us - Merry Goats

October 28, 2018

In two weeks you will find the Goat Hill team, and the new additions of Charlie & Griffin

(4-legged goat friends) at the entry to our vintage FAIR. Big WELCOME to all!  It takes the village of vintage-vagabonds who sell gorgeous wares, and also a crew & cast of hundreds to turn the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds into the treasure trove you will find. Some of that treasure looks like this:



Have you met our crew? Our leader is Cyndi Garofalo, the event producer and woman of many talents. Her background story is posted at the top of or webpage  (<- click here)




Our team is not particularly large in number - but they are GRAND in accomplishments. Each of them filling a need from the moment we open the show until we close... and then throughout the season until the next event!



Fun fact. Did you know? On this small team, we have 2 gals - both named Shari (Sheri) - with two distinct personality traits. (we have an inside joke on the naming of these 2). So, if you're in need of assist from a Sheri, be sure you're looking for the correct one! 





This November you can take part in a LIVE conversation about the vintage you will use in The Season of Entertaining. Find Mallorie Jae in the courtyard while she MC's the event called: Merry Goat Meet-Up! Come meet us... and join in the fun! Buy a Bloody Mary and get Merry with the goats.



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