Forget Me Not - Miranda Lambert

October 10, 2018

November 10th .. such a fine day! 

(one month from now)



November 10th speaks to us in numerous fun, intriguing ways...


Just so happens we open our fall show on the same day as NATIONAL FORGET ME NOT DAY!!

and both coincide with the birthday of one very gregarious, strong, talented lady,{sounds like our leader, Cyndi Garofalo}... the indomitable ~ MIRANDA LAMBERT (<-- click link)

Look at Mz Miranda sittin' atop an old vintage settee... looking all sassy! 


Silliness has ensued... we are GIDDY GOATS... all this post is truly meant to do is make our followers smile, give 'em a heads-up that November 10th is closing in, and nudge y'all toward planning the best darn day with us. Get your EARLY GOAT TICKETS now. We truly sell in limited quantity and they are moving quickly!


Early Goats sold only online. General Admission sold only at the gate during the event. Click here for link to git yoself some!  <---- click


FORGET ME NOT!!  {You cannot possibly forget this fun read!}. Wishing Miranda a lovely fall birthday come November 10th! 



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