Our website's main page has lots of good information. Some is useful, helpful MUST KNOWS about our show. Some of our site is dedicated to the BEAUTY which makes this vintage show a success. The wares, goods & treasure. The artisan-curator-stylists who sell their eye candy... this is what you may also find here.

SIMPLY CLICK tabs for vendor listings & maps. Read our BLOG posts, and click the links we provide! Follow our other sites, such as Facebook and Instagram. <--- (click on those)

Read up, and appreciate the images. Go to the pages and feeds of the artisans involved too.

Mostly though ... COME OUT TO THE BEST DARN VINTAGE EVENT, and meet all of us in person! Spend the day with your person, tribe and hunting partner(s)! You can make this November show a personal holiday love-fest of shopping! In November, we think of all that this season before us means. We celebrate the upcoming season of FALL, ENTERTAINING, GATHERING & GIFTING..We thoroughly enjoy offering all the goods to make shopping for this season MERRY & fulfilling...🏆🎁🍽🦃🍷🎄🏆

Vintage.Decor.Furnishings.JewelryClothing.Adornment.Gifts.Food.& General Merriment.

Find us! Follow us! Experience the joy! Share with your friends!

See you soon!!

*Early Goat tickets are selling NOW - here at this site (<-- click) They go fast! Limited number sold!

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