The Tickets Are Coming!

The purchasing of Early Goat tickets happens online beginning October 1st. Here at this sight, by clicking the ticket icon.

There is also the opportunity to win a giveaway of (2) tickets by going to follow at our Instagram page, and also that of our newest addition *a collaboration* with Mallorie of @m.jaehomeco. at her beautiful BOHO looking Instagram feed! You'll like what you see of Mallorie's home & her collections that she curates and sells.

Tomorrow - Friday Sept 21 at 9AM.. go see the rules for entry. It's always fun at Goat Hill Fair. It's particularly good to have early entry and first dibs at all of the amazing goods, and too what can be better than sharing a vintage hunting day with a pal?!! ... it's 2 tickets at each site we are gifting!

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