March 1st Means One Month 'til Tickets

Mother Nature decided to blast March full force onto us here in California! Rain, and then some! While we're whiling away time indoors on the 1st day of this new month, we've got the first of April on our minds! Why is that? you ask...


April 1st will be opening day of online Early Goat Ticket sales!


Early Goat tickets are similar to an early bird ticket ... you wish to get into this vintage event as soon as you can! You like shopping in the morning. Appreciate the first look at the amazing vintage offerings. Wish for smaller crowds. These are the entry tickets you should look for.





Here at the top of the website, click on the Early Ticket icon. These tickets allow you entry 

1 1/2 hours before General Admission. Only on opening day - May 19th. Not available at the gate.



If you follow here at our website, we'd like to have you remain up-to-date by following us at our other social media sites. Please, follow us on Facebook and on Instagram. There is a sweet little giveaway offering of spring available to the first person, on April first, to buy the first Early Goat tickets. Find out by following on Facebook.



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