ONE MONTH 'til Goat Giddiness Crescendos

On this very smoky, fall Wednesday afternoon in October... we are just one month from showtime. Some of the items we are working on are the general, tasks any event must endure... paperwork, phone calls and more paperwork. Then though, there are these things:

As mentioned in our last blog post, we are introducing the group of creatives that sell vintage treasure at Goat Hill. Many names you will recognize, as they have been with us since the beginning. Some vendors you will know because you dash about the state of California following them because they are JUST THAT talented. Add to the mix the couple of newbies that you will not want to miss!

We've started a campaign of photo grids (ads) that make this statement:


Our meaning behind this is ~ not every artisan has the same wares for sale. Not every booth is styled like the other. All white furniture and goods are not all that is offered at Goat Hill Fair (while there is some of that beauty). With 100+ curators of vintage goods - every guest will find a style they appreciate, a color they are fond of, a price that is doable.

* and yes a bit of a double entendre too ~ as we posted on our Facebook page :

You'll find that in VINTAGE, just as in the world ~a gorgeous mix of colors & styles is a JOY to behold! We cherish diversity!

We welcome each of you and offer more than black & white - yes, grey areas ! Also pink to red and every hue in between.

Find an introduction page every couple of days on our Facebook page & Instagram feed. All of these vendors also shown above at this webpage.

BIG NEWS... Early Goat tickets went on sale! This too is at the top of this website. Click on the ticket icon. A limited number of Early Goat tickets are sold, and for a limited time. Get yours now while you still can.

Another item we're working on is the guest visit of Fifi O'Neill. The author, stylist, Editor that will be signing her book - ROMANTIC PRAIRIE STYLE - on site at the show on Saturday 11/11

We have a surprise in store regarding Fifi and this beautifully styled book... watch for our announcement coming soon!

Lastly, and not least in our minds of important items to be spoken of, and shared.... this is not wholly a Goat Hill Fair fall event issue, but rather a community based item that needs to be spoken of. As many of our friends, followers and readers of this blog know - California is experiencing a vast natural disaster. Particularly in Northern California (but also in Southern) wildfires are devastating the landscape of Napa, Sonoma, Solano & Yuba Counties. More than the land & vineyards these areas are known for, the fires have taken a grave toll on families and their homes. We have vendors in these areas, friends and families too. We have decided to share a way that people might help. This fundraising idea comes from a Santa Cruz newspaper, group, Good Times Santa Cruz, whom GHF has teamed with in the past. Below is the post we shared on our other sites.

GHF sends hope, strength and wishes for well-being to our Northern California neighbors. We are watching and saddened. Thankful for those who fight with all they have, and brave these days of immense challenge.

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