Guess Who's Coming in November...

If your guess is some of the most sought-after, sweetest, most stylin' VINTAGE ARTISANS in the business... then you are correct!! We will be showing off and dropping names like nobody's business when we list our vendor roll call here at this website. That'll be happening October 1.


Did you also see at our other sites.... Please, go have a look at our Facebook page & Instagram feed! They're filled with vintage treasure & some fun!

BUT REALLY??!!! Did you see the announcement we've made?

Another guess who's coming to Goat Hill in November...

FIFI O'NEILL - the uber talented author, stylist, magazine editor of Romantic Prairie Style & Boho Style will join us for a book signing.

* Fifi will have a place in the Arts Building on Saturday Nov. 11 - come say hello!

(you can purchase a Romantic Prairie Style book there)

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