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Hey there, friends! We were off the grid for a brief spell. Touching down after a lofty-high flying spring event. We introduced some new touches at this past show. Our entrance was refreshed and looked AH-MAZING!! (thanks to many fabulous GHF staff members - Sheri Larkin & Kathy Hansen). We opened a newly refreshed building and added artisans there - some of those folks came from another spot that we changed up. We brought our guests some wider aisles! Here's hoping that you noticed, appreciated and became familiar with this newness!  Many compliments came to us, yet we are still working to improve upon the changes.


Summer is sweetly, sincerely emerging in our area. Taking it's time... slowly shining on us, but we are glad for the respite! May you have a fabulous summer filled with the joys of vintage! Take some backroads and enjoy the scenery as you hunt & gather! Our crew and all of those divine artisans we are proud to share with you will be out doing the same...

hooray for 




 {these are merely a couple of the creatively styled booths at Spring 2017}


* Tattered Treasures, Dream, J Hicks Design, Lyla Bleu Designs*



See you for Fall Vintage Love - Goat Hill Fair style...   November 11/12, 2017

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