Word Has Gotten Around

Do believe we've been talked about. Not in a bad rumor-mill way. Rather, Goat Hill Fair has received some nice press. Some good surprises. We're hoping you've been sent our way via one of these nice features. Read more about each of these kind mentions at our other sites: Facebook. Instagram. Follow us there all year long... become a friend!

Come visit our place! Bring your MOM.. {GHF tickets = great Mother's Day gift}

The San Jose Mercury News spoke of our Producer, "Cyndi Garofalo melds a group of merchants .. artfully displaying in vogue merchandise for today's collectors". We give shout-outs and thanks to Steven Yvaska and the Merc!

A lovely group, The Santa Cruz Socialites gave GHF a nod and mention at their site dedicated to: "Celebrating and promoting women across Santa Cruz County. Nourishing friendships, empowering each other and having FUN along the way.Santa Cruz Socialites brings the diverse women in our community together, creating an empowering network of resources, education and inspiration." . We feel quite honored to be listed in their directory.

Other thoughtfully written pieces have been in the press, and we are humbled by this. All of this helps to get the word out to anyone that has yet to hear of Goat Hill. Those vintage seekers, the junkers, the antique collectors... each of you that we are happy to have visit our home at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds.

The spring show is fast approaching. Tickets for early entry on opening day are still available.

Dates are: May 20 & 21.

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