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We've said it before ~ as not to leave anyone without the facts ~


On this web page, on mid-left side, look for the ticket icon. Tickets are sold in a limited number, to allow these guests the option of smaller crowds and first look at goods. An early goat arrives on opening day (Sat May 20) and shops from 8:30-10am before General Admission guests arrive. Your cost for these is $25.00 and the ticket can be used all day, both days of the show - May 20th & 21st 2017.

General Admission tickets are not sold online. These $10.00 tickets are available at the gate during our show.

Parking is abundant at our place, and it is free. We are an indoor show, so open we're open rain or shine!

We have 90+ artists to woo you with vintage wares, carefully curated and magnificently styled in their booths. These folks show at Goat Hill from all across the state. They are highly skilled at what they do! Some of them take salvaged materials and repurpose into tempting new items. Others are jewelry crafters-of-the-bauble-kind. Many offer furnishings for home decor, some for garden splendor. Styles displayed run the gamut from Americana to Euro (including the ever popular French), Shabby-white to Industrial. Taxidermy to floral and handmade apothecary to delicious kitchen concoctions.

Also on this webpage look at the tippy-top area titled EVENT INFO and hit to see Vendor - this will show you our layout for the fair, with vendor listing (coming soon) updated for each event. We'd like to introduce some of the best in the vintage biz!

In essence you get BANG for your buck, and a day (or weekend) of pleasure visiting our home! You'll like the atmosphere here. We're a family, and we could not be more pleased to welcome you.


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